Security Systems

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Security Systems

  • Integral solutions in video surveillance systems.
  • Installation and configuration of monitoring and recording systems.
  • Video surveillance solutions for exterior, interior, night and movement detection applications.
  • Sprout Solutions offers integral solutions of video surveillance, including:
    • High definition IP cameras with excellent image definition.
    • Recording devices with high efficiency, reliability and capacity.
    • Systems integration for monitoring, recording, administration, sensors and cameras for complete functionality and reliability.

IP Cameras

IP cameras are CCTV cameras (Closed Circuit Television) that transmit video and control signals through an Ethernet connection using Internet Protocol (IP). The camera then becomes a device in the network that can be accessed from a browser through an Internet connection.

IP Cameras Surveillance Systems

Sprout Solutions offers integral solutions for your video surveillance requirements.

An IP surveillance system is integrated connecting multiple IP cameras with a recording device allowing to keep a history of camera captured footage in an efficient manner.

Additionally, sensors can be added to the system to increase its efficiency, like movement sensors that trigger recording when movement is detected in the area.

IP Cameras Connection Methods

  1. Local Area Networks (LAN): The most popular methos: cameras are connected wire or wirelessly to a router that provides Internet connection. With this configuration, cameras can be accessed from devices like personal computers (PC) or smartphones as long as they have Internet connection.
  2. PPPoE: The connection to the camera through Internet requires user authentication by password.
  3. PC or Video Server connection: Used with multiple cameras requiring an administrative and/or recording software.
Rely on Sprout Solutions for your requirements in Video Surveillance.


Thanks to our strict quality standards and materials implemented in the development of solutions for our customers, Sprout Solutions is confident to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our installations and materials.