Optic Fiber


You can rely on the experts from Sprout Solutions for your Optic Fiber network installation.

In Sprout Solutions we have invested years to integrate an expert team with leading edge equipment to perform and certify installations complying with the most strict industry standards included in the EIA/TIA & ISO norms.

Why you should use Optic Fiber

It transmits more information, on a longer distance, in less time and a lesser cost.

Whatever your business type: offices, warehouses, education or government facilities, etc., Optic Fiber networks offer many advantages over copper cabling installations, mainly:

Sprout Solutions, the experts in Optic Fiber installation.


With Optic Fiber you make sure that your network will keep up and current while bandwidth requirements increase constantly.

Other advantages of Optic Fiber over copper cabling:

  • Larger bandwidth
  • Low power loss and signal attenuation, thus long distance transmission is possible without the need of costly amplification equipment.
  • Intrusion free. The signal is totally contained in the Optic Fiber, unlike copper cabling that irradiates electromagnetic fields.
  • Optic Fiber is compact and light, reducing installation costs and space.

Solutions for your business

We offer the Optic Fiber solution for your kind of business:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Government
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Etc.
Contact us with your specific requirements and our expert team will provide you with a tailor made solution.

We install and connect all kinds of Optic Fiber:

  • Multimode:

    Used for interior installations like Local Area Networks and safety systems.

  • Monomode:

    Used for long distance applications like telecommunications and cable TV.

  • Hybrid:

    Combine the requirements of monomode and multimode applications.


Thanks to our strict quality standards and materials implemented in the development of solutions for our customers, Sprout Solutions is confident to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our installations and materials.