Structured Cabling

cableado2Network Structured Cabling Solutions – Copper and Optical Fiber

Sprout Solutions is a supplier of development and products solutions for Data communications centers. We understand that Structured Cabling is the backbone of the IT systems. Our Structured Cabling Solutions represent a competitive advantage for our customers. If you need to remodel or update your current system, or install a new infrastructure to integrate to external systems, Sprout Solutions offers a single source of solutions for your business’ present and future requirements.
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Optic Fiber


You can rely on the experts from Sprout Solutions for your Optic Fiber network installation.

In Sprout Solutions we have invested years to integrate an expert team with leading edge equipment to perform and certify installations complying with the most strict industry standards included in the EIA/TIA & ISO norms.

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Security Systems

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Security Systems

  • Integral solutions in video surveillance systems.
  • Installation and configuration of monitoring and recording systems.
  • Video surveillance solutions for exterior, interior, night and movement detection applications.
  • Sprout Solutions offers integral solutions of video surveillance, including:
    • High definition IP cameras with excellent image definition.
    • Recording devices with high efficiency, reliability and capacity.
    • Systems integration for monitoring, recording, administration, sensors and cameras for complete functionality and reliability.
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Consulting – Design – Installation –Maintenance – Support

You can rely on Sprout Solutions expertise for design, installation and/or maintenance of your wireless network.

Sprout Solutions provides high end technology solutions for the whole development cycle of your wireless network.

We have ample experience in a broad range of industries:

  • Offices
  • Industrial facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Airports

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